About merch…

Everyone loves merch. Be it a sticker or a hoodie, as long as it has a logo or a slogan, people, especially people in tech, just love that stuff.

However I just can’t bring myself to share that enthusiasm. Recently I was delighted by the decision by Patagonia to phase out corporate branded logos on their products:

“What we’ve learned is that adding an additional non-removable logo reduces the lifespan of a garment, often by a lot, for trivial reasons…
The result? Perfectly good gear ends up forgotten in the closet—or worse, gets tossed in the trash.”

Companies such as SwagCycle are also doing a great job tackling the issue of the wastage and lifecycle of branded merchandise. Nevertheless it is a problem to which I’d rather not contribute.

So then why do I have a Merch page? Well, if you’re here then maybe you were looking to spend some of your hard earned monies on a sticker, t-shirt, or hoodie? Maybe instead, you could spend that money, or just a ¼ of that amount, on a cause that means a lot to me, or you?

If you’re interested in what I care about, then here you go….

Or maybe look for something you have been meaning to donate to for a while, but haven’t got around to it yet. You might not be able to wear it, but it will be so much more appreciated.